I'm wes bennett, a motion designer / videographer based out of Las Vegas, NV. 
I have had the chance to dip my hands into many skills and as such, I've been described as a multi-talented visual artist due to my proficiency in a variety of creative fields. 
I love creating, capturing and reproducing motion through photography, video, and motion graphics. There's truly something special about how things move and the fluidity of motion that comes from practice and repetition. That special something is what I aim to capture when I snap a shot or recreate when I animate. 
I will be graduating from Arizona State with my B.A. in Graphic Information Technology; a major that has diversified my skills and broadened my breadth of appreciation for commercial visual design. My skills include Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and InDesign as well as Cinema 4D. 
Wes Bennett portrait
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